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Rock Point 256

rock point 256 logoCommunication for Development Foundation Uganda (CDFU) produces and broadcasts the award winning radio serial drama Rock Point 256. Through the serial drama which started in 2005, CDFU reaches over an estimated 6,000,000 Ugandans with key messages addressing a range of issues including HIV&AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, child health, Gender Based Violence (GBV), malaria and civic education.  Click here to listen.

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Every society relies on leadership for direction, cohesion and progress. Failure of leadership often leads to confusion, lawlessness and under development. To exercise effective leadership, you must be visionary, inspiring, supportive and influential. Effective leaders work well with others, motivate co-workers and seem not to make demands on subordinates. Unfortunately some leaders do not demonstrate the above characteristics. However, leadership skills and knowledge can be developed overtime through experience and training. Exercise of leadership within the Ugandan Constitutional context comes with responsibility and accountability. Those in leadership are therefore expected to execute their leadership role diligently and they are at the same time accountable to their people.


To enable citizens know the roles and responsibilities of their leaders so that they can hold them accountable.
To equip civic educators with requisite knowledge needed to empower citizens influence their leaders.

Specific Objectives

By the time you go through this module, you should be able to:

  1. Define a leader;
  2. Explain the importance and roles of a leader in democracy;
  3. Explain the different types of leaders;
  4. Explain the different behavioral styles of leaders;
  5. Explain the characteristics of a good leader;
  6. Explain the mechanism for promoting leadership;
  7. Explain how leaders can be held accountable; and
  8. Explain the mechanisms for fighting corruption.

Key Messages

  1. A good leader is an asset in society
  2. Good leaders do not destroy, they build societies
  3. Leadership is doing the right thing at the right time
  4. Men and women equally provide good leadership
  5. Good leaders inspire, they do not dictate
  6. An effective leader is a people- centered person
  7. Leaders who are accountable deserve respect and honour
  8. It is your duty as a citizen to promote accountability and Good Leadership
  9. Corruption is a disease, avoid it!
  10. People have a right to exercise their power to recall and sanction non performing elected leaders
  11. All people have access to leadership position at all levels subject to the Constitution and other written laws

Sub topics

1. The Importance and functions of leadership.
    a. Meaning of leadership
    b. Importance of leadership
    c. Roles and responsibilities of leaders
2. Know your leaders.
    a. Types of leaders
    b. Behavioural styles of leaders
    c. Characteristics of a good leader
3. Accountability framework for Leaders
    a. The basis for holding leaders accountable
    b. Areas of Accountability and key actors
    c. Framework for Accountability and Good Leadership
4. Corruption

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