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Rock Point 256

rock point 256 logoCommunication for Development Foundation Uganda (CDFU) produces and broadcasts the award winning radio serial drama Rock Point 256. Through the serial drama which started in 2005, CDFU reaches over an estimated 6,000,000 Ugandans with key messages addressing a range of issues including HIV&AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, child health, Gender Based Violence (GBV), malaria and civic education.  Click here to listen.

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The British system of administration was introduced when Uganda was declared a British Protectorate in 1894.
The laws which came with the British system replaced some of the customary laws. Some of the customary laws continued to exist;  even  today  they  are  still  used  to  settle  conflicts  in  the communities. In 1961 the Constitution making process started as the British colonial administrators were preparing Uganda for independence. This process led to the coming into effect (promulgation) of the 1962 Constitution. Uganda became independent on 9th October 1962 and since then Uganda has had three different Constitutions i.e. 1966, 1967 and 1995.


The aim of this module is to:

  1. Enable you as a citizen to know, uphold and defend the Constitution and rule of law.
  2. Guide you to respect the Constitution and demand for your human rights.
  3. To enable you promote peace, knowledge and skills for efficient and effective service delivery.
  4. Empower you to participate fully in the development of your community/country.


By the time you go through this module, you should be able to:

  1. Define the word Constitution
  2. Relate The Constitution and other laws
  3. Explain the historical background of the Constitution
  4. Relate the Constitution and service delivery.
  5. Relate the Constitution and good governance
  6. Explain how the Constitution defines Uganda as a nation
  7. Explain how the Constitution is amended

Key Messages

  1. The Constitution of Uganda is the supreme law of the land and must be respected by everybody.
  2. No one is above the Constitution.
  3. The Constitution is the foundation of the rule of law
  4. Uganda has had four Constitutions since independence.
  5. The 1995 Constitution was made after nationwide consultation.
  6. It is your duty and responsibility to demand for service delivery.
  7. As a citizen of Uganda participate actively in monitoring and ensuring the delivery of quality services.
  8. Government is made up of three branches which are independent of each other but interrelated.
  9. It is important to make use of and respect courts’ decisions
  10. Good governance ensures participation by all citizens regardless of their gender and other differences.
  11. Respect national symbols in order to promote nation building.
  12. The national flag should not fly after 6:00PM.
  13. We should not use the national flag to wrap things neither to allow it to touch the ground.
  14. Whenever you are to sing the national anthem, sing all the three stanzas
  15. The power to interpret the Constitution is with the Constitutional Court
  16. Although the Constitution is supreme, it can be amended.

Sub Topics

In this module the following sub topics will be covered:

  1. The Constitution and other laws;
  2. The historical background of the Uganda Constitution;
  3. The Constitution and service delivery;
  4. The Constitution and branches of government;
  5. The Constitution and good governance;
  6. The Constitution and Uganda as a nation;
  7. Interpretation of the Constitution; and
  8. Amending the Constitution.


The following are available for download:

  1. The Constitution module (English)
  2. The Constitution Facilitator's Manual
  3. The Constitution poster (English)
  4. The Constitution flyer (English)
  5. The Constitution and good governance;
  6. The Constitution and Uganda as a nation;
  7. Interpretation of the Constitution; and
  8. Amending the Constitution.
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